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Ed Reynolds Voice Acting

Ed is a nationally recognized voice actor with over 15 years of experience. His AntiAnnouncing style and character driven versatility make him a favorite of producers everywhere. His ability to deliver the right character or attitude at just the right time is unmatched. Voice Over is a business of vocal nuances and Ed has mastered the art. Good voice acting is like being a chef, knowing just how to 'season' a script. Would you like fries with that? Of course, but not too much salt!

Ed taking a break in a junk yard in Albuquerque, NM off Route 66!

Ed and Ashley Judd
Ed and singer Kari Jobe
Ed and Amy Grant!

Like many actors, Ed began his craft at an early age. He actually had a studio in his bedroom starting at age 10! He was armed with a cheap microphone, a mixer from Radio Shack, three cassette decks and even a red recording light over the door. He and his friends would write parody commercials and record them. Believe it or not many of these vintage antiannouncer recordings still exist today in restored, digitized form. He is often teased about his early geekiness. He has agreed to post one of these simply to prove they really do exist.

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